#33 – Sami Moog: Alchemy of Imagination

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MANIFESTATION, BABY! This week Heather and Alan talk with Manifestation expert, Sami Moog, about how we can all create the future we desire. We are, in fact, constantly creating our futures whether we’re aware of it or not.

This was such a fun, eye-opening and exciting conversation. You’re going to want to soak up every moment of it.

Sami discovered manifestation in 2007 when The Secret came out and since then he’s been on a lifelong journey to try and understand, and expand upon, these principles! He’s the author of “Alchemy of Imagination: The power of your mind to transform your life” which he wrote while sitting at a local nature preserve! He’s got a killer TikTok presence and manifestation is the name of the game for Sami. 

Get an astrology reading from Sami here. Connect with him on TikTok. Get Sami’s book here.


  • True manifestation takes action.
  • Work is positive, effort is negative. All manifestation requires work!
  • It’s an energy thing, not a mental thing.
  • True manifestation takes intentional habit because life has a way of knocking us down.
  • The choice is yours. You can’t expect life to work out for you.
  • The steps of manifestation: Visualize in 1st person, belief, and release. 
  • Visualization: Thinking about what you want while also feeling good about it.
  • Belief: trust and know it will come to be.
  • Release: release the how and attachment but not the desire. No anxiety about it.
  • Maintain a high vibration.
  • The universe does not locally exist! Scientists have proven it. Our reality is an ILLUSION. 
  • The consciousness of people creates beauty and turmoil (and everything in between).
  • Synchronicity: You think about something and then it just appears.
  • Visualize something you desire no more than a few times and then believe and release – otherwise it will turn into anxiety.
  • When you’re manifesting it may not always appear in a linear, predictable fashion.
  • Keep your visualizations short so you don’t complicate the message.
  • Meditation is to release all thoughts, visualization is to focus on a specific thought.
  • Mornings are better for vibration, evenings are better for visualization.
  • Failure is an important, although painful, step to becoming a mature soul.
  • Sometimes we go through rough periods in life, not getting what we want, in order to remind us to manifest.
  • Manifest the afterthought – not the experience of achieving.

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