#34 – Lili Thomas: Connor’s Mom Has Got It Going On

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Do you remember when our collective hearts broke watching “Connors’s mom” breakdown in Dear Evan Hansen? Yeah, that was traumatic! And Lili Thomas does it every single night on stage as she performs the beautiful and devastating role of Cynthia Murphy for the North American touring company of DEH.

The child of two world-renowned classical musicians, Lili made her own path in the arts. She became a triple threat by training extensively in acting, singing, and dancing in addition to, of course, learning several instruments. She plays professionally on 6 different instruments. Lili recently completed the pre-Broadway run of Octet and is an acclaimed vocal coach, choreographer, director, and the hardest job of all, parent of two kids. She’s kind, funny and crazy talented!

Follow Lili and learn more on Instagram. Grab tickets to see Dear Evan Hansen here, and make sure to stick around to the end of the episode for a fun, dirty joke form Lili!



  • Being exposed to professional musicians helped Lili embrace chance as an entertainer.
  • She randomly started singing with a live band at the age of 5 and people loved it. The thrill was real!
  • Both of Lili’s parents are world-renowned musicians but they didn’t pressure her into playing music, which Lili considers a gift.
  • Lili’s performing love is musical theater – that’s her creative home.
  • She loves playing complex characters and embracing them fully which she does beautifully.
  • It’s really hard to balance being a parent and needing daycare with auditioning (as a job) because it’s not a paying job but must be treated as a job.
  • When she went back to theater it felt like breathing again. This is truly where she’s meant to be.
  • She has such a loving and supportive family who love seeing her pursue her dreams.
  • Positivity and energy are core of who Lili is and that’s counter-intuitive to the role she plays in Dear Evan Hansen.
  • When Lili needs to decompress and get into creative a space she needs total quiet and solitude (just like our co-host, Heather!).
  • The most creative minds are also the most curious ones.
  • Self-taping has become really dangerous for people – it drives perfectionist behaviors and that’s just not possible. It sets unrealistic standards and puts undo pressure on actors (and kids!).
  • Returning to the theater has been part of Lili’s journey towards loving herself and it’s magical.

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