#35 – Donnie Brown: THE Reality TV Wedding Planner

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Grab your popcorn and get ready to hear some amazing stories from Reality TV wedding planner, Donnie Brown. 

Donnie starred in the very first wedding planning reality TV show, “Who’s wedding is it anyway” on The Style Network and then went on to start in 10 of the show’s 11 seasons and its spin-off! 

Co-host, Heather Vickery had the opportunity to share the virtual stage with Donnie at a celebration of our friend, Eddie Babbage, and his podcast Wedding Industry Insider.

Donnie Brown is considered one of the leading wedding and event planners in the industry today. With over 3 decades of experience, He’s helped shape the landscape of the modern wedding and is a serious trendsetter.

He has been profiled and quoted in every fashion and wedding magazine you can find on the newsstand. He’s the author of “Donnie Brown Weddings: from the couture to the cake” and when not planning weddings and other events, he travels the world for speaking engagements.

Connect with Donnie via his website and connect on Instagram.


  • Donnie started in the floral business.
  • Was approached by Lion Entertainment to be the star of “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway.” Didn’t seek the job.
  • Planned LeAnn Rimes’ wedding- that catapulted everything. They are still friends and in regular contact.
  • Donnie gets his BIG personality from his mom.
  • Connections and relationships are everything – build relationships if you want to embrace chance.
  • No interest in going back to the way things were before the pandemic. Life is less stressful.
  • Communication is always the most important thing – even in the creative process.
  • Positive reinforcement helps folks relax and stay creative.
  • Donnie solves problems in his sleep.
  • Sometimes less is more – know yourself and do what’s best for you.

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