#5 – Drew Gasparini: From College Dropout to Broadway Composer

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Meet Drew “Fuckin’” Gasparini.

Get ready to be greatly entertained in this hilarious episode with composer and lyricist Drew Gasparini. Honestly, these show notes are hard to write because we had so much fun and talked about such a vast array of topics. You’re gonna have to listen to the entire thing folks, it’s just that good.

From meeting his childhood hero, Marc Summers, and becoming BFFs, to proudly declaring that his newest Broadway project, “The Karate Kid – The Musical” is going to blow our minds – Drew’s lively personality draws you in over and over again.

Special thanks to Drew for his unscripted, and personal rendition of “Shut The Fuck Up, Alan.” This little segment is quickly becoming a fan favorite (and Heather’s favorite!).

Don’t miss anything Drew is up to. Follow him on Instagram, and Twitter (seriously, follow him there and be nice!). Oh, and he shared his email address with us. Be sure to listen to the show if you want to connect directly with Drew, ask him questions, or collaborate with him.


  • Putting yourself out there is scary AF but you only need it to “work” a handful of times.
  • Don’t claim to be an expert because you’re always changing and evolving.
  • Offer to help others achieve and grow, it’s the best thing you can do for your life and your career.
  • Get creative with your own art – Think outside the box.
  • Ditch your pride and ask for support when the opportunity is presented to you!
  • There’s room for everyone, be kind, be supportive, and don’t quit.
  • Put your heart and soul into what you do, people can tell the difference.
  • No matter what the show is or how big of a project you’re working on, you must be willing to dive all the way in and put yourself on the line in an authentic way.


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