#8 – Jim Jimirro: The Inventor of The Disney Channel and co-founder of J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company

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There are no words to describe how honored and excited Alan and Heather were to sit down with the incredibly brilliant, Jim Jimirro (except these words we just used). But when the opportunity to interview the founder of The Disney Channel presents itself, you ask no questions and just get it on the schedule.

Jim Jimirro is the creator and founding President of The Disney Channel and Walt Disney Home Video. During his tenure at the helm of The Disney Channel, Mr. Jimirro was responsible for the conception, development, and launching of the fastest-growing pay service in history.

He’s an Oscar Awards voter, is the subject of a documentary called Jim J’s Jukebox, hosts his own lecture speaker series at the prestigious 92nd Street Y here in NYC, and is the executive producer of The J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company, founded before the pandemic, which is just now starting its second season!

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  • Sometimes the dreams we have as seven-year-olds can become our reality. Believe in yourself and your dreams.
  • Trusting your instincts can take you all the way.
  • Sometimes we have to “create” our chance by paying attention, showing up, and being persistent.
  • Don’t be intimidated by people’s titles or resumes – All growth comes from communication.
  • If you don’t have an ingrained sense of confidence, you face a tougher challenge but these things can be gained with good support and mentorship.
  • Take calculated risks. Seriously. JUST TAKE THEM!
  • You may have to give up your lifelong dream and walk away from something that’s really good, to embrace something really great.
  • There’s a possibility that you can have two, active, dreams coming true at once. Don’t limit yourself.
  • You have the power to be a creator of “unrealistic” dreams.
  • Hardware developers are the key to all technological advances.
  • The “best” technology doesn’t always win. It’s about marketing!
  • You can thank Porn for the Disney Channel (you’re going to have to listen to learn more!)
  • If you keep track of hardware advancement, you will be on the cutting edge of business growth opportunities.


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