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On this very special episode of West of Broadway, Will Armstrong and Wendy Rosoff are discussing the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic and what we might do during this time of widespread shutdowns, work stoppages, and self-isolations.

The pair discuss theaters going dark from Broadway all the way west to California and how this is affecting members of the theatrical community.

As a working actor and teaching artist, Wendy offers some productive suggestions for using possible downtime to get productive and prepared for when life gets back to normal.

Here are some of her terrific suggestions:

·     If you happen to be out of work due to the enforced shutdowns, (and you are healthy and have not been exposed to the COVID 19 virus,) consider assisting with elder or childcare. People are going to Facebook and posting their availability. There are also Facebook groups forming to help place people together.

Consider helping with Dog Fostering! This is a terrific way to help dogs in need of a forever home collect important data that will assist with adoptions and you will have company at home. Goto : more information.

Will and Wendy also talk about using this “downtime” to get creative and collaborative with other artists. Whether it’s writing, working on auditions, rehearsing, practicing, or addressing projects that you wanted to tackle but never had the time. But before any of that, take a breath and give yourself the gift of self-care and rest. Mind, body and soul have a chance to rest and recharge. Maybe meditate, read, research and find inspiration that may feed your soul.

This is also a great time to update your website, update your social presence and great a social media calendar. If you need inspiration, research accounts you like and follow and use current trends to influence your social media posts.

Wendy also suggests that all working actors, work on their self-tape skills. This is a great time to prepare for future auditions, and while we are on the subject of auditions… is a fantastic membership based resource for actors who need someone to help with line readings, scene study or just honing their craft. We Audition is also a terrific site to lend your skills as a reader or coach for other actors while you make some extra money.

This is a little obvious, but now is a great time to check out all the podcasts that you have been meaning to listen to. is an amazing resource for theater fans to get an up close and personal look into this amazing world! Or, if you’re so inclined, maybe now is the time to start your own podcast. Will and Wendy recently did an interview for offering tips for producing a podcast.


*Now is also a great time to update your resume and write your long form and short bios, update your mailing lists and your newsletter templates.

Finally, use this time to reconnect with friends and family via Skype or Zoom and schedule a date to catch up. The world is telling us to slow down and now is a time to listen and breath and focus on physical and mental health.

Thank you all for checking in on us! We hope you enjoyed this irregular episode. Please reach out to us on social and share what you’re doing during this interesting time. Find us on Instagram at: @WestofBroadwayPodcast @WillArmstrongPR and @Wendy_Rosoff and on Facebook @WillandWendy and share your story and catch up on old episodes at

So, until next time, be well, be safe, wash your hands and remember, if you’re looking for us, you can find us just West of Broadway!


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