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On this episode of West of Broadway Will Armstrong and Wendy Rosoff talk with Broadway star Laura Bell Bundy about absolutely everything!

First, Laura Bell shares how her family are navigating the Covid-19 epidemic and her recent personal bout with the disease. Then they discuss Laura Bell’s upcoming album and video series centered around women and the challenges facing them today.

From an NYU student to young soap opera actress to originating a role in the hit musical Hairspray, Laura Bell shared her early career experiences and how her journey prepared her for her portrayal of Elle woods in Legally Blonde. The evolution of her process is something that is still shaping and informing the roles she portrays to this day.

Keep up with Laura Bell Bundy on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tick Tock. Just search for @LauraBellBundy.

We hope you enjoy this candid conversation and find inspiration from her insightful approach to life, family and theater. As far as Wendy and Will you can find past episodes of their podcast on the Broadway Podcast Network along side an array of fantastic shows!


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