Alessandra Mai Vinh – Talented Dancer and Actress Navigates American Immigration as She Pursues Her Dreams

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Every year more and more artists come to this country and face the challenges of the language and the culture as well as the nuances of auditioning and performing in America. 

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Born in Italy with a Vietnamese background, Alessandra Mai Vinh began dancing at the age of 13. In Italy, she became known for working on national TV shows, commercials, and tours, as well as choreographing and dancing for several popular artists. In 2012, on a mission to pursue her dreams, she decided to move to New York City, where she attended Broadway Dance Center. Years later she moved to her current home in Los Angeles.

In this episode, she talks about the unique obstacles of immigrating to the US as a performer, and she shares her thoughts on greater representation for Asians on stage and on screen. But we also get into the challenges common among all performers — the self-doubts and judgments that can come from comparing our accomplishments to others.

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