Amy Marie Stewart – Actor, Singer, Vocal Teacher, Founder of THEORY WORKS

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From musical theater to opera, from Disney Cruise Line to New York’s famed Town Hall venue,Amy Marie Stewart has seen first hand the struggles that singers and actors face. Most of it coming from our own preconceived notions or those expectations heaped on us by others. Her recent blog post “Failing our Singers” went viral as she tried to dispel those do’s and don’ts in order to free us up to give our best performance, whether onstage or in the audition room.

Due to a recent illness, which she opens up about in this episode, Amy now focuses on teaching and helping singers be their best. As the founder of TheoryWorks she specializes in distilling down effort, finding a filter-free sound, helping legit singers belt and belters sing legit — and, most importantly, in being her student’s new number-one cheerleader.

She works with musical theatre folks to build a cohesive book. To get a sense of her approach, check out the (free) TheoryWorks online masterclass on putting an audition book together.

Amy is also a published Backstage Expert and distinguished representative of the CU College of Music Alumni in NYC. Her students are currently performing on Broadway, and in Broadway tours, on cruise ships, with the Rockettes, and in theatres across the country.

Learn more about Amy here.


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