Brad Oscar & Diego Prieto – Theater Husbands on Balancing Marriage and Careers

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Balancing work and life is a tough juggling act for most any actor or artist. But adding another person, a relationship, to the equation can be even more difficult to maintain. And actors as a whole aren’t known for the longevity of their relationships. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Brad Oscar and Diego Prieto are actors and husbands who have learned their own lessons in both working and living as a couple. Brad has appeared in nine Broadway shows and is a Tony-nominee for his performances in The Producers and Something Rotten. Diego has performed at some of the biggest regional theaters and is also an actor with one of my favorite organizations, Only Make Believe, bringing interactive theater into children’s hospitals and care facilities.

These two talented gentlemen remind us that just like our acting careers, being in a relationship isn’t about perfection. It’s about persistence through the ups and downs. We talk about how they met, what they’ve learned living and working together, and how they support each other emotionally and creatively. 

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