Brian Lowdermilk – LGBTQ Composer and Songwriter from Kerrigan & Lowdermilk

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Featuring the third composer of the season, Brian Lowdermilk is a fantastic contemporary songwriter who’s found a great deal of success from the internet. And in this day and age where not much theater is happening onstage, that bodes well for both Kerrigan & Lowdermilk. 

Brian (they/them, she/her) shares the nuts and bolts of writing and collaborating on musicals (and is joined by Kait for part of the interview). Then we get into more personal matters of gender identity and theater’s place in the LGBTQ community. It’s an in-depth, personal conversation with a talented and insightful composer. 

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Brian’s music featured in this episode: 
“Run Away with Me (Instrumental)” – “How to Return Home” – “Avalanche” – “Say the Word” – “Five and Half Minutes” – “Not a Love Story” – “Run Away with Me (sung by Brian at 54 Below)” 


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