Cecy Treviño (Part 1) – Founder and Artistic Director of BroadwayMania

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This past summer, as we were in the midst of massive theater shutdowns and summer season cancellations, I found BroadwayMania on Instagram. It was mostly videos of singers belting out show tunes, well-produced performances that were earnest and passionate.

As I found out more about this organization and their mission to provide opportunities to performers around the world, I was truly captivated by their love of theater. While there are some professional artists in the group, many others come from a variety of backgrounds, from technology and teaching to advertising and the military. 

And Cecy Treviño is the force behind it all, founding the group in 2018 as a hodge podge group of people on a singing app to now a theater company that has just released a YouTube Christmas Special and Holiday album. Cecy shares this journey and the many lessons she learned to make this dream a reality.

The BroadwayMania Holiday Special: https://youtu.be/OyK_xT3tY98 
Their GoFundMe page: https://gf.me/u/zajjnw 

Follow Cecy & BroadwayMania: Website / Instagram / YouTube 

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May this podcast be a resource for you as you discover more ways to pursue a career in this industry and sustain it through the many ups and downs we all face. 


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