Ilana Levine – Actress, Singer, Host of LITTLE KNOWN FACTS

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Today, I’m joined by the wonderfully charming and talented Ilana Levine. She takes a break from her own podcast, LITTLE KNOWN FACTS, to talk with me about her career on Broadway and in TV/film as well as share stories of auditions and her obsession with British royalty.

From her big Broadway turn as Lucy in YOU’RE A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN to her various appearances in The Nanny Diaries, Law & Order, and the infamous Seinfeld episode “The Contest,” she has had a storied career. But Ilana has also directed and produced and her contact list is a veritable who’s who of Hollywood and Broadway. It is from this wide array of stars that she brings guests onto her own podcast to talk about the ins and outs of entertainment and performing.


I’m so honored and proud to add her to my list of guests today. She’s an inspiration and motivation to keep striving and reaching for the best from myself and this career. I’m sure she’ll inspire you as well!

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