Jocelyn Panton Finds Freedom After Failure in the Pageant World and Being $50K in Debt

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As a child, Jocelyn Panton attended a musical theater production that came to her hometown in Canada, and she just knew that’s what she wanted to do one day. Well, she stuck to that dream and has gone on to do television and film, including Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and the CW’s DC‘s Legends of Tomorrow, among others.

But as any actor will tell you, money becomes an important part of our career, whether you actually have it or not. It can inform the decisions we make and the opportunities we can or can’t take advantage of, and at one point Jocelyn was $50,000 in debt because of acting expenses. She shares how she got out of debt, and what it taught her about the hustle needed to stay in this business. But as Jocelyn came to realize, family and personal life can mean so much more and are far more important than “making it” or not.

  • INTRO – Our mutual degrees in Broadcasting
  • STORY #1 – Learning from failure in the pageant world
  • STORY #2 – Being $50,000 in debt from acting expenses
  • STORY #3 – Connecting with herself in a deeper way from being a mom

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