Kathryn Allison Shares How She Found Her True Authentic Self Outside of Broadway

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With live theater happening once again here in New York, one of the joys has been seeing friends back on stage, doing what they do best. And I certainly hope to be joining them soon, but in the meantime it’s wonderful to reconnect with today’s guest. Kathryn Allison is a singer and actress who I got to know at The Muny in St. Louis, just as she was really beginning her professional career. 

But she’s gone on to perform in Wicked, Aladdin and currently the revival of Company. (She seems to have a thing for Broadway shows with one-word titles.) But as Kathryn shares her three stories with us today, being on Broadway doesn’t replace the importance of mental health, nor does it make her forget those embarrassing auditions when she didn’t book the show, and it also doesn’t mean that the work of inclusion is done as Kathryn continues to push for more access and a continuing search for strong, diverse voices.

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Listen to Kathryn’s Other Audition Story

In addition to the audition story shared in this episode, Kathryn recalls another audition for Waitress and performing for Sara Bareilles. This is in a special bonus episode where she also discusses her experience of doing in-person auditions again.

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The Final Five

In these five final questions Kathryn addresses topics not covered in that episode, providing extra insight into her work and experiences in the performing arts.

  1. What job within the arts do you feel is the most undervalued or least recognized?
  2. What does success or “making it” mean to you? 
  3. What/Who inspires you most an an artist and creative?
  4. Name a personal lesson that took you awhile to learn or one that you are still working on to this day?
  5. What’s the most useful advice you’ve received, and how have you applied it to your life or career?

You can find her Final Five on the WINMI Blog.



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