Lisa Lampanelli, The Queen of Mean Makes Nice and Gets Personal About Life on the Stage

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I was in college when I first discovered Lisa Lampanelli, a stand-up comedian, insult comic, actress, and writer who is known for her sharp wit, fearless humor, and ability to push the boundaries of comedy. She has legions of fans around the country and has performed on countless stages across the country, released numerous albums and appeared on various TV specials.

So it is an honor to have Lisa on the podcast as we explore her unique style of comedy that made her a staple in the entertainment industry. It’s an intimate and no-holds barred conversation of her triumphs, struggles, and setbacks throughout her career in stand-up comedy.

  • INTRO – Her connection to Lisa Howard, and the off-Broadway play she wrote
  • STORY #1 – Why she retired from stand-up and what she’s been doing
  • STORY #2 – Food addiction and weight loss (and why not to trust the internet!)
  • STORY #3 – Her connection to the LGBT community and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis

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