Matt Sav Shares His Musical Composition Process from Idea to Production

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Bettering Ourselves and Bettering Our Careers (Part Four)

The main focus and message of this series has been on storytelling. From Kate who talked about how to use our voices and acting skills to connect with casting directors as well audiences, to Max who broke down the elements of a good story and how to craft that for print, stage, or screen.

For today’s episode I’m talking with composer and audio producer Matt Sav about musical storytelling and as you’ll hear in our conversation, to go from that initial idea to an actual finished product can be a long and sometimes stumbling journey. While we focus in on his audio drama In Strange Woods, Matt and I also talk in broader terms of production, composition, and writing as well as the future of podcasting as it provides a new way for artists to create and tell their musical stories. 

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