Bonus EP: Bringing Theater Back Post-COVID

In This Episode

The audio version of Ruthie’s acclaimed Medium article: “What It Will Take for New York Theater to Come Back as the Industry and Community It Professes to Be.” Originally published March 23, 2021, the article includes quotes from 13 major industry leaders (Amber Iman, Bonnie Comley, Brian Pavilonis, Brandon Michael Nase, Clint Ramos, Damian Bazadona, Eric Ulloa, Gregory Kirsopp, Jess Burns, Jessica Paz, Terry Byrne, Sammi Cannold, and more), statements from Actors Equity and The Broadway League, and oodles of research about how we get Broadway and Off-Broadway (and theater at large) better than it was pre-pandemic. Plus, this exclusive audio version includes an Epilogue on where we are now in July 2021.

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