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Authenticity was the heart of our last episode “INTERSTATE and Authentic Trans, Queer, and Asian-American Representation.” Our discussion included artists Kit Yan and Melissa Lee and experts AC Dumlao of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and Sheena Brevig of the Center for Scholars and Storytellers. The quintet (including host Ruthie Fierberg) deliberated about how we ensure authentic representation and how we can get producers, theatres, and studios to greenlight projects that have non-white or non-male or non-straight or non-cis central characters. We just need more. 

In every mini-episode, Ruthie recommends one piece of art that connects to the previous week’s larger themes. If you INTERSTATE or the conversation around it intrigued you, Ruthie recommends more stories you should explore. In the vein of “more, more, more,” Ruthie decided to offer multiple suggestions of art to put on your list, add to your queue, and place on your shelf.

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