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Harriet Brown’s memoir Brave Girl Eating: A Family’s Struggle With Anorexia is a must-read for anyone looking to better understand eating disorders after last week’s episode “RINSE, REPEAT and Eating Disorders.” 

The book serves as a fitting companion to Domenica Feraud’s Off-Broadway play Rinse, Repeat. Though the drama portrays a family’s struggle with this disease, the main perspective is Rachel’s. In our panel last episode, Domenica and expert Johanna Kandel shared personal experiences as people who have struggled with an eating disorder; Dr. Mae Lynn Reyes-Rodriguez offered the point of view of a researcher and clinician who specializes in eating disorders. In Brave Girl Eating, the perspective is that of a mother trying to help her daughter survive this mental illness. Hear more about the book and what you’ll glean from reading it.

Read Rinse, Repeat here.

Find a copy of Brave Girl Eating.

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