SANCTUARY CITY Meets The Sun Is Also A Star

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Pulitzer Prize winner Martyna Majok writes the story of high-schoolers B & G in Sanctuary City. As undocumented teens, the two lean on each other. When G gets citizenship and B has to choose to stay in New Jersey or return with his mom to their country of origin, questions of identity, friendship, sacrifice, and love emerge.

In Nicola Yoon’s New York Times bestseller The Sun is Also a Star, Natasha and Daniel are also from immigrant families—Daniel a first-generation Korean-American and Natasha an undocumented immigrant from Jamaica. This book is magical. It’s simultaneously a surprising love story, a philosophical exploration about our universe, and a very real fight to survive another day. Listen to find out why if one story intrigues you, so will the other.

Read The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon.

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