Why We Theater NOW: November 2021

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Host Ruthie Fierberg recommends the most thought-provoking and moving pieces of New York theatre she’s seen to date. These plays and musicals bring to life issues in our society, which make them ripe for discussion. Each is further proof of why we theater. Some of these shows may become full episodes in the future. Some of them relate to past episodes. All of them will appeal to your taste if you love Why We Theater. Ruthie wants to be sure you have the opportunity to see them live onstage if you’re near New York or planning a visit, or that these titles are on your list if there happen to be streaming releases, a regional production, or tour that comes to a theatre near you.

Kristina Wong, Sweatshop Overlord

New York Theatre Workshop Off-Broadway

Streaming through December 14, 2021

Buy a streaming pass here.

Thoughts of a Colored Man


Tickets on sale through March 20, 2022

Buy tickets here.

Trouble In Mind

Roundabout Theatre Company on Broadway

Tickets on sale through January 9, 2022

Buy tickets here.

The Trevor Musical

Stage 42 Off-Broadway

Tickets on sale through April 17, 2022

Buy tickets here.

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