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Beloved medical drama THE GOOD DOCTOR has a lot to teach us. Beyond its premise—following the evolution of Dr. Shaun Murphy, a physician on the autism spectrum, and the hospital and its employees around him—and beyond its weekly case, the ABC television series also demonstrates the use of the strengths model in foreign aid. Expert Ana Jiménez-Bautista taught us the definition and importance of the strengths model in last week’s episode “Witness Uganda and Ethical Foreign Aid.” So this week, we connect musical theatre to television, Witness Uganda to The Good Doctor.

Witness Uganda creator Griffin Matthews also emphasized the importance of international travel during last episode’s discussion. In this mini-episode, we also look to Rick Steves for his decades-worth of thoughts on how traveling is a political act and the greatest weapon against hate.

Watch The Good Doctor on ABC or Hulu.

Read “Rick Steves Wants to Set You Free” by Sam Anderson.

Listen to the full episode on “OSLO and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”

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