Ep24 – Bridget Everett (Part 2)

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I kind of pride myself on doing things that scare me. My personal motto is that brilliance lies in the moment that might not work. It’s a quote from George C Wolfe that means basically if you’re just repeating what you already know how to do, you have given up on brilliance. Our society will support you in standardizing your art. But is Art that can be replicated like a Big mac or a Mocha latte really art? As much as I thought I was pushing my limits and encounter with my next guest rocked my world and set me on a collision course with personal religious upbringing and values that would change my life forever please join me in welcoming Bridget Everett. She is an alt-cabaret provocateur is the Baddest Babe in Comedy. From Joe’s Pub to Inside Amy Schumer to Pattie Cakes and her series Love You More. Watching her and working with her is life changing.

Produced by Dori Berinstein, edited by Alan Seales, music by Anthony Norman.

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