Ep73 – SPOTLIGHT: Red Pilling America with Jay Armstrong Johnson and Meagan Miller (Part 2)

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On Red Pilling America, Tonya Pinkins and Ciara Renée host a weekly conversation on politics and entertainment. We create a safe space to talk about the issues keeping everyone awake at night. This week’s guests are Jay Armstrong Johnson of Quantico and PBS Sweeney Todd and Meagan Miller, acclaimed Opera singer.
More about Red Pilling America:
A thought-provoking series, featuring stellar guests, discusses democracy, American politics and our current socio-economic climate through the lens of Tonya’s new socio-political horror film, RED PILL, which has received national coverage on Deadline, Playbill, and more. Guest stars include Metropolitan Opera star Meagan Miller, acclaimed actor Jay Armstrong Johnson, American civil rights leader Rashad Robinson, Hamilton stars Nik Walker, Paul Oakley Stovall, Jon Rua, Aladdin stars Telly Leung and Michael James Scott, actress and activist Joanna Carpenter and many more. 
Red Pilling Of America takes place through Marissa Lynn Daniel Studios on Zoom. Proceeds will go towards the funding of Red Pill and to supporting actors during COVID-19. For more information and to enroll, visit, www.marissalynnstudios.com.
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