Episode 6 – Sustainability (feat. Catherine Palacios)

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No way! It’s Young, Scrappy, and Hungry’s last episode! What?! As the year has come to an end and the holiday season begins, Charlotte, Emily, and Samantha, along with guest Catherine Palacios, talk about sustainability. They discuss avoiding burnout, mental and physical health, and finding outlets outside of theatre. Your well being is the number one priority, as an artist and as a human.


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Thank you to everyone who has tuned in to our podcast as the BPN interns! We are so grateful to have had this opportunity. We have learned so much along with all of you from our guest interviews, provided resources, and the questions sent in that led to insightful discussions. It’s a weird and interesting time, but we’ve got this! We will get off book when the time is right. From Charlotte, Emily, and Samantha: have a good, safe, and restful holiday break . . . And scene!

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