Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Audition Secrets


The audition process can make or break a performer’s progress. Join our host, Broadway veteran Justin Guarini, every week to hear what it takes to stand out from the competition, avoid common mistakes, and unlock the next level of your musical theater career.

Have you ever walked out of an audition room and asked yourself: “I could’ve done so much better, why was that so terrible?”

Justin has too, many times, more than he can remember. So, he started searching for a new way to nail auditions and book more jobs as a performer.

Now, each week, Justin brings you valuable insights from his 17 years of success in the entertainment business, along with exclusive interviews and tips from some of the industry’s biggest stars, directors, creatives, thought leaders and working actors just like you!

The Audition Secrets podcast is your direct line to behind the scenes audition success strategies and insiders, straight from the stages, the audition rooms, and the players to your earbuds.



Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

The 3 C’s: The Keys To Creating Your “X Factor”

Any performer can show up to an audition, but the most successful performers show up to an audition fully centered in the 3 C’s…and when you show up rooted in the 3 C’s you can access that unquantifiable, and mysterious thing that people often call the ‘X factor’ ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

Overcoming BAD Readers

In this episode Justin shows you how to avoid the BAD reader trap, and how to create the exact dynamic you want and need in your scenes, no matter who you're in the room reading with! ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

The Love I Give. The Love I Receive. The Relationships I Create & Maintain.

What are the keys to true wealth in this business? The love you give, the love you receive, and the relationships you create and maintain. Listen as Justin speaks about an experience at a local High School that brought this concept into clear focus ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

7 Audition Prep Tricks That Will Help You Rise Above Your Competition

The difference between performers with moderate success, and performers with outstanding success boils down to...mastering the basics. The people who go back and reexamine the things they "think they know" are usually the ones who find ways to overcome the things holding them (and most other people) back ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini

3 HUGE Audition Mistakes…And How You Can Avoid Them

In this episode, Justin breaks down three major mistakes he's made (and sees a lot of other performers make) in the audition room, and gives you solid advice on how to avoid the traps that can kill your chances of getting the job ...
Audition Secrets Hosted by Justin Guarini


In this episode Justin shares some personal stories and perspectives that his birthday and the official launch of his book and mastermind have brought to the surface...and he delves into his understanding of gratitude and how we can apply the simple act of embracing our experience of life ...


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