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STUCK is a show about triumphing over common workplace dilemmas. If you know what it’s like to have a problem at work without a clue what to do, listen in! Hosts Damian Bazadona and Rachelle Pereira hear questions from listeners on where they are STUCK and only have five minutes to think about it before weighing in and trying to find a solution. Their advice is not researched or edited, but rather instinctual answers from the experience of a CEO and a leadership expert. Join them each week for actionable tips for moving through the stickiest workplace conundrums.



STUCK Live! @ UAlbany - Episode 2

STUCK Live! @ UAlbany – Episode 2

In part two of this two-episode series, the STUCK team keeps it going live (via Zoom) with a second ...
STUCK Live! @ UAlbany - Episode 1

STUCK Live! @ UAlbany – Episode 1

In part one of this two-episode series, the STUCK team goes live (via Zoom) with a class of undergra ...
STUCK Podcast

Control Issues

In a time of so much uncertainty, find out how you can create a sense of stability in the moment-to-moment ...
STUCK Podcast

Playing The Long Game

This is now officially a marathon and not a sprint. Find out how to help those around you while continuing to care for yourself ...
STUCK Podcast

Blurred Boundaries

Work blurs into home life and home blurs into work. Find out how to stay productive and have human connection while trying to navigate the new normal ...
STUCK Podcast

Prioritize This

Carina loves her new job and her boss, but isn't sure how to balance contradictory priorities in her day-to-day. Damian & Rachelle discuss how she can find the right rhythm that will let her be responsive while still carving out enough time to find her flow state ...


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