Wighackers with Daniel Koye


Daniel Koye explores topics related to his life as a celebrity stylist, the world of entrepreneurs, wig tips and tricks, and much more.

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Exclusive Interview w/ Nina Tulio, Salon Business Expert

Nina and I discuss mentors, growth, and how to stand up successfully as a hairstylist in this crazy world! She set up her amazing business as a salon business coach and helps transform salons to crazy successful businesses. She is a well of knowledge and wisdom so get ...

Kevin Smith Kirkwood Interview

I got to catch up with Kevin Smith Kirkwood about his show, Classic Whitney: ALIVE! where he transforms to be the legend herself! We travel down memory lane on everything from when we first met at the Vanity Fair photoshoot for Kinky Books to where he is now ...

Interview w/ Shag Specialist, Rachel Williams!

Rachel Williams is a blonde specialist, hair LOVER, and a part of the Behind the Chair creative team. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION about hair, social media, how she won the Behind the Chair One Shot competition, and so much more! I can not even wait for you ...

World Of WIGS 🌎

The world of wigs is LIVE! You can go see the first installment of the world of wigs! Here is where ALL the in-depth information is going to be! There is so much coming out! In this episode you will get some gems dropped of what's to come ...

Pricing Is Your Wig Too Cheap?

When buying a wig you need to know how it breakdown. You need to know everything like what is worth your money- A lot of cheap-looking wigs or 2 really AMAZING wigs?! I discuss the financial cost of wigs and what you spend a year to keep them ...

Spring Cleaning!

We had to start spring cleaning! We get so caught up in our lives that we can forget to clean out the things we don't need in our lives anymore. So spring cleaning is for getting rid of that which no longer serves us to make room for ...


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