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Matt Gould is a highly acclaimed composer known for his innovative and eclectic musical contributions to the world of theater. Born and raised in Chicago, Gould's passion for music led him to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies at Indiana University. His career took a significant turn when he collaborated with Griffin Matthews to create the groundbreaking musical Witness Uganda. This powerful production, based on their own experiences, explores issues of identity, love, and social justice. The success of Witness Uganda earned Gould and Matthews the Richard Rodgers Award, propelling them onto the Broadway stage with a reimagined version titled Invisible Thread. Gould's ability to blend various musical genres and create emotionally resonant scores has established him as a dynamic force in contemporary musical theater, with his work continuing to captivate audiences and inspire meaningful conversations. In 2024, his project Lempicka, made its way to Broadway.

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