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Neal Brennan is a multi-hyphenate talent in the world of comedy. Born in 1973, he's worn the hats of comedian, writer, producer, director, and podcaster throughout his career.

Brennan's most recognizable work is alongside Dave Chappelle. Together, they co-created and co-wrote the iconic sketch comedy series Chappelle's Show (2003-2006). Brennan also received three Emmy nominations for his work on the show, including directing the now-legendary "Charlie Murphy/Rick James" sketch.
Beyond Chappelle's Show, Brennan's comedic fingerprints are on a variety of projects. He co-wrote the cult stoner comedy Half Baked (1998) with Chappelle, penned sketches for Saturday Night Live, and even contributed material for the 83rd Academy Awards and Seth Meyers' White House Correspondents' Dinner speech. He's also a prolific stand-up comedian, with his Netflix special 3 Mics (2017) showcasing his observational humor.

In recent years, Brennan has transitioned into more behind-the-scenes work. He served as a contributor on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and currently keeps busy with his podcast Blocks. Through it all, he's maintained a successful career, all while openly discussing his struggles with depression and his evolving personal beliefs.

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