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Will Butler, a multi-instrumentalist and composer, is best known for his tenure with the critically-acclaimed indie rock band Arcade Fire. But his artistic endeavors extend far beyond the band he joined in 2003 (his brother Win Butler is the frontman).

Born in California and raised in Texas, Will's musical background is rich. His mother is a classically trained musician and his grandfather was guitarist Alvino Rey. This influence is evident in Will's diverse instrumental talents – he's adept at synthesizer, bass, guitar, and percussion. He brings this dynamism to his energetic and often unpredictable live performances, which have become a signature element of his artistic persona.

While a core member of Arcade Fire, contributing to their Grammy Award-winning sound on albums like Funeral and Reflektor, Will also explored his creative spark through various side projects. This included a stint as a DJ for the WNUR Rock Show at Northwestern University, where he honed his curatorial skills. He even dabbled in poetry, serving as the poetry editor for the university's literary magazine, Helicon.

In 2014, Will's talent for scoring received mainstream recognition when he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the film Her. This further solidified his reputation as a multifaceted musician.

Following his departure from Arcade Fire in 2021, Will has continued to push artistic boundaries. He released two critically acclaimed solo albums, Policy and Generations, both known for their intelligent social and political commentary wrapped in catchy melodies. He has also embarked on a collaborative project with his wife Jenny Shore, dubbed Will Butler + Sister Squares.

Whether rocking out with Arcade Fire on stages like Coachella or Later... with Jools Holland, showcasing his solo talents on Later with Stephen Colbert, or experimenting with new sounds in Stereophonic (a project with members of Arcade Fire and Owen Pallett), Will Butler remains an artist constantly on the move, captivating audiences with his musical ingenuity and captivating stage presence.

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