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Dear Multi-hyphenate, hosted by Michael Kushner, explores the full potential of an artist in show business. Are you unsure if you could do anything other than what your BFA allows you to do? Are you sitting on a project and you have no idea how to get started? What if others have cornered you into thinking that you are just an actor, or just a director, or just a producer? Let go of the rules and take agency of your full potential! Listen to me and my guests, the leaders of the multi-hyphenation station, as we dissect the mentality and possibilities about doing it all.



Dear Multihyphenate - #14 - Ashley Kate Adams: Marinate the Chicken

#14 – Ashley Kate Adams: Marinate the Chicken

Ashley Kate Adams had a total shift in gear after her Broadway show closed just a few weeks after she joined. This positive force of nature brightens any room she walks into with her sunny disposition and laser beam focus. Ashley Kate speaks about how she created her ...
Dear Multi Hyphenate #13 - Rachel Brosnahan: Covenant House: Get Involved

#13 – Rachel Brosnahan: Covenant House: Get Involved

Emmy and Golden Globe Winner Rachel Brosnahan (Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel joins me on a conversation that focuses on Rache's advocacy. Rachel may be one of the best actresses of our time, but she also is an amazing advocate for homeless youth and serves on the Board ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #12 - Remy Germinario (featuring Caroline Lagerfelt):

#12 – Remy Germinario (featuring Caroline Lagerfelt): Our Experience is Our Own Greatest Tool

​Remy Germinario is a stand up comic who has also done the one man comedy Buyer and Cellar three times around the country. But can a stand up comic also be a dramatic actor? You bet. Remy Germinario opens up about his journey as a comic, sketch performer, ...
Dear Multihyphenate Episode 11 Cynthia Henderson

#11 – Cynthia Henderson: The Why Of It All (Or A Masterclass in Acting)

Cynthia Henderson is one of the original multi-hyphenates still leading by example. Not only is she a professor at Ithaca College, but Cynthia is Fulbright Scholar, working actor, producer, director, writer, and travels to some of the most dangerous parts in the world working on Theatre for Social ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #10 - Elena Garcia: I Will Not Apologize

#10 – Elena Garcia: I Will Not Apologize

Carbonell Award Winning actor Elena Maria Garcia will not apologize. And she shouldn't. Garcia is a tough cookie with the kindest heart. She is a warror of her art and continues to inspire artists from all over the world. A master improver, a brilliant teacher, a heart wrenching ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #9 - Randy Graff: Just Being Jewish

#9 – Randy Graff: Just Being Jewish

Randy Graff (Tony Winner for City of Angels, Original Fantine in Les Miserables on Broadway) joins Michael as a cultivator and supporter of multi-hyphenates. This podcast episode is supremely Jewish, full of laughs, and chocolate. For actors everywhere, this episode serves as a useful tool to dive into ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #8 - DeAnne Stewart and Ryan Mac: That's supposed to mean Support

#8 – DeAnne Stewart and Ryan Mac: That’s supposed to mean Support

Michael talks with DeAnne Stewart (Jagged Little Pill) and Ryan Mac (Anastasia National Tour) 38 days into quarantine during the CoVid-19 Outbreak. The three of them have been best friends since Freshman year at Ithaca College. All the three have had busy, stable routine before quarantine and each ...
Dear Multi-Hyphenate #7 - JJ Maley: A Young Producer's Journey

#7 – JJ Maley: A Young Producer’s Journey

After three weeks into quarantine, life has changed big time for us artists. In this episode with JJ Maley, one of the youngest producers in NYC, there are plenty goodies to implement in your life that will help with the busiest of schedules, or schedules that have been ...
Dear Multi-hyphenate #6 - Angela Grovey: Does It Make Me Happy?

#6 – Angela Grovey: Does It Make Me Happy?

Michael speaks with Angela Grovey (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Joyful Noise, Newsies, Escape to Margaritaville) on balancing art and serving. On top of performing on stage and screen, Angela works with Covenant House and Broadway Inspirational Voices - two opportunities for Angela to inflict change. Angela is embracing all ...
Dear Multi-hyphenate #5 - Liz Flemming and Tina Scariano: The 5x5 Rule

#5 – Liz Flemming and Tina Scariano: The 5×5 Rule

Michael talks with Liz Flemming and Tina Scariano, two powerhouse women changing the face of how we produce theatre. Straight from a full day of planning a colorful season at Out of the Box Theatrics, Liz and Tina join for a bright and engaging conversation on fate, family, ...


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