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Dear Multi-Hyphenate


Dear Multi-hyphenate, hosted by Michael Kushner, explores the full potential of an artist in show business. Are you unsure if you could do anything other than what your BFA allows you to do? Are you sitting on a project and you have no idea how to get started? What if others have cornered you into thinking that you are just an actor, or just a director, or just a producer? Let go of the rules and take agency of your full potential! Listen to me and my guests, the leaders of the multi-hyphenation station, as we dissect the mentality and possibilities about doing it all.



Dear Multihyphenate - #22 - John Schwab: The Multi-Hyphenate Superpower

#22 – John Schwab: The Multi-Hyphenate Superpower

John Schwab is a West End performer, producer, director, and creator of the online database ‘Curtain Call’. He started his journey with computer technology in South Korea... how did he end up in the arts? And how does he use knowledge of technology to this day? All these ...
Dear Multi-Hyphenate Ep21 Ned Donovan

#21 – Ned Donovan: Say ‘Oui’… Then Google It

What is work? It looks differently for everyone. We can work all day, but at the same time not work at all. Ned Donovan is a high-tech, fast thinking actor, fight choreographer, content creator, and producer who is always on the move and constantly learning new proficiencies. But ...
Dear Multi-hyphenate #20 - Al SIlber: Human Being, Not A Human Doing

#20 – Al Silber: Human Being, Not A Human Doing

Alexandra Silber is a Broadway & West End actress, two time novel writer, and educator. This episode covers a lot of bases, but most importantly the common denominator is courage. When do we start to at a hyphen to our identity? How do we even discover our hyphens? ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #19 - Kate Rockwell & Tracey Eden: A Mouse, Duh!

#19 – Kate Rockwell & Tracey Eden: A Mouse, Duh!

In this special how-to episode, Mean Girls’ Kate Rockwell and Empress 1908 Gin’s Tracey Eden join Dear Multi-Hyphenate in some cocktail making fun. This amazing cocktail is Karen from Mean Girls inspired and is literally... so good. Kate and Tracey both share their experiences on how their love ...
Dear Multi-hyphenate #18 - Lindsay Lavin: Make Up' Your Own Path

#18 – Lindsay Lavin: Make Up’ Your Own Path

Lindsay Lavin is a talented performer and make up artist. Because of her new found love of make up and hair artistry, Lindsay has been able to spend energy on projects she wants to do, not has to do. Through her new hyphen, Lindsay has discovered her place ...
Dear Multi-hyphenate #17 - Dimitri Moise: Discovering Your Call To Action

#17 – Dimitri Moise: Discovering Your Call To Action

Beautiful and The Book of Mormon’s Dimitri Moise is a queer, HIV+ activist, now the co-chair of Claim Our Space Now. COSN, featured in Forbes, an organization emboldening urgent action to dismantle white supremacy. Dimitri speaks about following impulses that led him to following a call to action ...
Dear Multi-hyphenate #16 - Tonya Pinkins: Career, Clairvoyance & Country

#16 – Tonya Pinkins: Career, Clairvoyance & Country

Tony Winner and legend Tonya Pinkins (Jelly’s Last Jam, Play On!, and Caroline, or Change) joins Dear Multi-Hyphenate speaking on the energy and clairvoyance it takes to have a career in the arts. Tonya is an actor, writer, teacher, producer, director, podcaster, activist. Above all else, she is ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #15 - John McGinty: Art Isn't Easy, But Inclusion Is

#15 – John McGinty: Art Isn’t Easy, But Inclusion Is

In this special edition of Dear Multi-Hyphenate, Michael speaks with John McGinty an actor and advocate, who happens to be deaf. We ask hard hitting questions, but the answer is we can always do better. Michael and John are joined by his interpreter Nicole Cartagena ...
Dear Multihyphenate - #14 - Ashley Kate Adams: Marinate the Chicken

#14 – Ashley Kate Adams: Marinate the Chicken

Ashley Kate Adams had a total shift in gear after her Broadway show closed just a few weeks after she joined. This positive force of nature brightens any room she walks into with her sunny disposition and laser beam focus. Ashley Kate speaks about how she created her ...
Dear Multi Hyphenate #13 - Rachel Brosnahan: Covenant House: Get Involved

#13 – Rachel Brosnahan: Covenant House: Get Involved

Emmy and Golden Globe Winner Rachel Brosnahan (Amazon's The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel joins me on a conversation that focuses on Rache's advocacy. Rachel may be one of the best actresses of our time, but she also is an amazing advocate for homeless youth and serves on the Board ...

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