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Gettin Peggy Wit It


“Gettin Peggy Wit It” is an interview podcast where Peggy learns all about the things she already knows. She asks the hard hitting questions you never knew you needed answered (and probably didn’t have the balls to ask). Interviewing today‘s “Broadway Stars”, designers, and creative types alike, Peggy does as little research about her guests as possible. Listen as Peggy navigates the modern world with a 50’s sensibility. Donning her saddle shoes and gingham dress, she will dive into the world of your favorite performers as only Peggy can.

Listener discretion advised.

*The views of Peggy are for sure not associated with anything or anyone at the Broadway Podcast Network, we aren’t actually sure who gave her a microphone, but here we are. ENJOY!




Gettin Peggy Wit It

Gettin Peggy Wit It – Podcast Trailer

Listen and watch as Peggy, your new best friend you didn't know you had, tells it like it is, interviewing Broadway's biggest "stars". Click into this episode description to watch the video ...

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