The Queendom Podcast - A SIX: The Musical Podcast

The Queendom Podcast – A SIX: The Musical Podcast


Queens! Welcome to court! Have you ever wondered how the Queens get crowned? How the show gets made? Or if your favourite Queens animal is a giraffe? Well, luckily I have all those answers and more! My name is Josh Mitchell (@joshontheair) and I run @ausqueendom! I have spent the last year of my life in the Queendom having all the fun in the world, and now I am bringing here to your ears!

Join me each week as I chat to the cast, crew, producers and creative team of SIX: The Musical. We unpack the musical genius of the show and give you a behind the scenes look at what goes into creating the show that you love!

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Episode 46 - George Stiles

Episode 46 – George Stiles

Hey Queens! Welcome back to the show, this week we chat top George Stiles one of the producers of ...
Lucy Aiston

Lucy Aiston

Hey Queens! We are back with season2 of The Queendom Podcast! ...
Episode 45 - Lucy Aiston

Episode 45 – Lucy Aiston

Hey Queens! We are back with The Queendom Podcast! This week I am joined by the wonderful Lucy Ais ...
The Queendom Podcast - Episode 44 - Loren Hunter

Episode 44 – Loren Hunter

This week we continue our string of Aussie Queens with Loren Hunter. Loren and I chat about her experience through out lock down here in Australia along with her journey with SIX so far! ...
The Queendom Podcast - Episode 43 - Kala Gare

Episode 43 – Kala Gare

This week back in Australia chatting all things SIX with Kala Gare. Kala and I catch up on all that has happened since the closure of SIX in Sydney and also discuss her personal music ventures ...
The Queendom Podcast - Episode 42 - Megan Leung

Episode 42 – Megan Leung

This week we head out on the ocean to chat with Megan Leung from the Bliss 2.0 cast. We discuss all things SIX of course, along with finding her way home during quarantine ...


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