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Samantha Tuozzolo is a host, creator, equity actor and event professional who has been residing in New York City for the past 11 years. She is the co- host of Survival Jobs: A Podcast, which has had full video interviews hosted on Broadway World since the Spring of 2022 and full audio on Broadway Podcast Network as of Spring 2023! Samantha has been dipping her toes in live carpet interviews on events ranging from theatrical opening nights, film festivals, gala celebrations and interviewing herself in the mirror in her tiny apartment! Her very own Survival Jobs range from event planning, production, sales management and every hospitality gig you can imagine. Samantha has worked in the film festival circuit with Tribeca Film Festival as well as the brand new and amazing Bridgeport Film Festival. She has worked on notable events with companies such as Empire Entertainment and Jet Fuel Studio including the Weeby Awards and more.

She has a BA in Theatre Arts from Western Connecticut State University. In her free time she likes to see theatre, hang out with her niece, enjoy a good cold brew, go for a light jog and drink red wine at The Glass House Tavern.

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