ALBUM PODCAST with Joe Iconis and Jennifer Ashley Tepper


ALBUM PODCAST is a behind-the-songs deep dive into the creative process of writer and performer Joe Iconis. Through a series of conversations with his friend/collaborator Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Joe will offer a behind the scenes glimpse of the writing and producing of his 44-song epic Album. The longtime friends weave through their common history, share war stories of their time spent in the battle ground of contemporary musical theater, and introduce you to the Rogue’s Gallery of showtune misfits who make up their chosen Family. A sprawling, rafter-shaking podcast that is the ultimate companion piece to Iconis’ massive body of work.


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"Norman" (Lance Rubin)

“Norman” (Lance Rubin)

Inspired by the movie Psycho, this song "Normal" was penned in 2010 and first performed a Halloween gig at The Beechman. The idea was writing a cheesy love song from the point of view of Norman Bates. Sung by Lance Rubin, this song only gets better every time ...
"The Saddest Girl in the World" (Kerry Butler)

“The Saddest Girl in the World” (Kerry Butler)

Learn how to "pull an Iconis" by listening to this episode. In addition, this song "The Saddest Girl in the World" was written specifically for Kerry Butler, who played a one-legged dancer in a 24-Hour musical Joe wrote with the great Jonathan Marc Sherman. With a lot of ...
"Out of Sight / Out of Mind" (Krysta Rodriguez)

“Out of Sight / Out of Mind” (Krysta Rodriguez)

Initially called "The Buddy Song", this is another tune that Joe renamed to include a slash in the title. As interpreted by Krysta Rodriguez, the song turned into something different from its original intent and Charlie Rosen's period orchestrations provide a reframing that serves the message of the ...
"The Nurse and the Addict" (Taylor Trensch)

“The Nurse and the Addict” (Taylor Trensch)

Based on Stephen King's Misery this is a song that truly gets under your skin and brings the subtext of King's novel to the forefront. A rumination on the cyclical nature of addiction and how it relates to the life of an artist. Be prepared and scared for ...
"Helen Sharp" (Lorinda Lisitza)

“Helen Sharp” (Lorinda Lisitza)

This is a song in which Joe channels the jealousy and envy he feels toward other musical theater writers and filters it through the lens of Robert Zemeckis's 1992 film Death Becomes Her. A personal song ...
"Sympathy for the Killer" (Liz Lark Brown)

“Sympathy for the Killer” (Liz Lark Brown)

"Sympathy for the Killer" is a peculiar little 1920's-style number which repurposes the classic horror film killer-victim scenario as a metaphor for a modern relationship. Sung by the fearless Liz Lark ...



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