Destination Freedom Black Radio Days


A live radio show picks up where the first nationwide African-American radio drama, produced in Chicago by Richard Durham more than sixty years ago, left off. The show walked a daring line between reform and revolution, and was shut down by its network in 1950, as McCarthyism and anti-communism tightened its grip on American broadcasting.

As well as drawing on the archive of Destination Freedom (now branded Black Radio Days classic) this program illuminates a largely unknown, but important chapter in the history of human rights and tells how radio played its part from the very beginning. That boundary-breaking program, Destination Freedom, dramatized the lives of great figures in African-American and other people of color past and present, continues in its spirit with all-new scripts.

Produced by donnie l. betts.


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S1 Ep4 Enrique's Journey part 1 of 4

S1 Ep4 Enrique’s Journey part 1 of 4

“Enrique’s Journey”, is based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel by Sonia Nazario as adapted by Anthony J. Garcia. Mr. Garcia describes Enrique’s Journey as… “…a beautiful, sad and inspiring ...
S1 Ep3 The Tale of The Bullet

S1 Ep3 The Tale of The Bullet

“The Tale of The Bullet” tells the story of America’s obsession with guns from the bullet’s perspective. According to the bullet, “We do all the work and the gun gets all the love”. This podcast ...
S1 Ep2 The Dark Legend of Detroit Blue

S1 Ep2 The Dark Legend of Detroit Blue

“The Dark Legend of Detroit Blue” written by Hugo Sayles with musical guest Lionel Young. It was nineteen hundred, and thirty-three in Detroit, Michigan. Legends can be born, even in lowly places ...
S1 Ep1 Black With A Capital B

S1 Ep1 Black With A Capital B

Destination Freedom Presents BLACK with a Capital B. by Lamaria Aminah. After one more young black man dies at the hands of police, a community is shaken. A conversation evolves between two mothers at ...


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