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Jason Robert Brown is a powerhouse in the world of musical theatre, wearing many hats as a composer, lyricist, playwright, and more. Born in 1970, his music is known for its unique blend of pop-rock energy and thoughtful lyrics.

Brown's career began in New York City, where he honed his skills as an arranger, conductor, and pianist. He soon found himself working on productions like William Finn's A New Brain, while also playing at various nightclubs. His big break came in 1995 with the off-Broadway revue Songs for a New World, a collection of his own songs directed by Daisy Prince. Though the show had a limited run, it established Brown's voice and featured the now-iconic "Stars and the Moon."

Brown's next project, Parade (1999), marked a turning point. This powerful musical tackled the true story of Leo Frank, a Jewish man wrongly convicted of murder in the early 20th century. Parade earned Brown his first Tony Award for Best Original Score, solidifying his place as a major talent.

Following Parade, Brown continued to create innovative musicals like the emotionally complex The Last Five Years (2002) and the coming-of-age story 13 (2007). He returned to Tony Award glory with The Bridges of Madison County (2014), winning for both Best Original Score and Best Orchestrations. Most recently, Parade enjoyed a critically acclaimed revival on Broadway in 2023, earning Brown another Tony Award.

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