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Composer and lyricist Ryan Scott Oliver is a rising star with a touch of darkness. Oliver, lauded by Entertainment Weekly as "the future of Broadway," weaves unique and captivating stories through his hauntingly beautiful music and clever lyrics.

Oliver's acclaim began early, with awards like the Jonathan Larson Grant and the Richard Rodgers Award recognizing his exceptional talent. While some of his works, like the off-beat musical 35mm: A Musical Exhibition and the chilling Jasper in Deadland, haven't graced the Great White Way yet, they've garnered him a devoted following and critical praise for his innovative approach. Oliver is also currently composing the music and lyrics for the highly anticipated Disney Theatrical production of Freaky Friday, showcasing his ability to captivate audiences of all ages. With his unique blend of darkness and brilliance, Ryan Scott Oliver is a name to watch on the ever-evolving landscape of Broadway.

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