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Hosted by Al Malafronte, this podcast, celebrates two of New York City’s greatest fabrics: baseball and theatre. Born out of a passion for both Broadway musicals and triple digit fastballs, we attempt to show that baseball and theatre fans don’t have to live in such separate worlds, and maybe even break some stigmas.

Break a Bat! provides a platform for fans of either medium to hear stories and insight from their favorite performers, whether they’re from the stage, screen, or stadium, through intimate conversations.


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#8 - Now Batting: Steph Martignetti

#8 – Now Batting: Steph Martignetti

Whether it’s Game 6 of the ‘96 World Series or David Wells’ Perfect Game, Steph has probably been to more historic Yankee games than anyone else on Broadway, and talked with Al about some of her career beginnings, ...
#7 - Now Batting; Morgan James

#7 – Now Batting: Morgan James

Part of the fabric of the Great White Way for over a decade, Morgan James offers her perspective on two very American things she’s deeply passionate about: baseball and Broadway. Morgan offers perspectives on playing a long game in life, and how that mirrors baseball ...
#6 - Now Batting: Al Jardine

#6 – Now Batting: Al Jardine

An intimate conversation with Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Al Jardine, a founding member of one of the greatest bands in music history: The Beach Boys. A lifelong fan of America’s Pastime, Al steps into the Batter’s Box with fond memories of California baseball’s early days, fresh ...
Break a Bat Podcast Ep #5 - Now Batting: Cortney Wolfson

#5 – Now Batting: Cortney Wolfson

Broadway's Cortney Wolfson steps up to the plate for an interview with Al and Scotty. Known for her ability to take on any type of role, including leads in Les Miserables, The Addams Family, and Kinky Boots, Cortney is also super down to earth, and has some amazing ...
Break a Bat Podcast Ep #4 - Now Batting: Bryan Hoch

#4 – Now Batting: Bryan Hoch

With the MLB Playoffs drawing near,'s New York Yankees Beat Reporter Bryan Hoch joins Al to discuss his new book: 'Mission 27: A New Boss, A New Ballpark, and One Last Ring for the Yankees' Core Four' which chronicles everything you'd want to know about the 2009 ...
Break a Bat Podcast Ep #3 - Now Pitching: Scott Proctor

#3 – Now Pitching: Scott Proctor

Yankee pitcher on 5 playoff teams, Scott Proctor looks back with Al on his road to the majors, his time on Broadway, and fills the boys in on his post-baseball life, which includes some wonderful charity work for the ME’s Team Foundation. Guest hosted by Conor Leister ...