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LOVEVILLE HIGH is a 9-part musical podcast series hosted by David Zellnik and Eric Svejcar. Each ten-minute episode is a self-contained love story in the fictional town of Loveville, Ohio on prom night: new love, old love, romantic love, friend love, gay and straight, cis and genderqueer. FEAT: Kathryn Allison, Harrison Chad, Troy Iwata, Gizel Jiménez, Jay Armstrong Johnson, Hailey Kilgore, Mason Alexander Park, Isaac Powell, Ryann Redmond, Conor Ryan, and Ali Stroker. Music: Eric Svejcar. Book and Lyrics: David Zellnik 



Ep 9 - Jane & Johnny: "Remember The Moment"

Ep 9 – Jane & Johnny: “Remember The Moment”

"Remember the Moment"... In front of the school again… but now everything is different. Jane recov ...
Ep8 - Cory, Katrina, Jendrix & Jane: "The Big Dive"

Ep8 – Cory, Katrina, Jendrix & Jane: “The Big Dive”

In the bleachers of the gym, as the prom crescendos, the mysterious girl Seth was looking at has a n ...
Ep7 - Seth & Madison: "The Normal Amazing"

Ep7 – Seth & Madison: “The Normal Amazing”

Under the food table in the gym, Seth is hiding from a girl he’s obsessed with. Not his date (best ...
Ep6 - Amanda & Wanda: "The Monster at the End of the Book"

Ep6 – Amanda & Wanda: “The Monster at the End of the Book”

In the girls’ room, Amanda wrestles with the revelation that Kyle has been cheating on her. But wh ...
Ep5 - Kyle & Noah: "Secrets of the Locker Room"

Ep5 – Kyle & Noah: “Secrets of the Locker Room”

"In the empty boy’s locker room, Kyle is getting bandaged up by best friend Noah. Kyle has probabl ...
Ep4 - Kyle & Amanda: "One Plus One...Plus One?"

Ep4 – Kyle & Amanda: “One Plus One…Plus One?”

"On the roof of the school, Kyle – smart kid, almost valedictorian – exchanges messages with one ...


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