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Split Valley


What would you do if you received a postcard saying only “We are here. Come find us?” No signature. Just a postmark: SPLIT VALLEY, NY. Adam Kleinhoffer, journalist and podcaster for Columbia Public Radio, and production assistant Melanie Lavin follow this breadcrumb to the second-smallest town in New York State.

SPLIT VALLEY is an immersive experience. Using only “found audio,” Split Valley takes the listener on a journey into the woods upstate, to a small town diner, a local motel, searching for clues to the mystery of the cryptic postcard. Pull up a chair, dim the lights, and tune in to Split Valley.


  • Written by Caroline V. McGraw
  • Directed by Eddie Prunoske
  • Sound designed and engineered by James Hansen
  • Original music by Luke Santy
  • Cover art by Matthew Cohn
  • ·     Produced by Five on a Match: Matthew Cohn, Amir Darvish, and Meg MacCary


  • Paul Guyet as Soothing Male Voice
  • Amir Darvish as Gus Finch
  • Matthew Cohn as Adam Kleinhoffer
  • Keilly McQuail as Melanie Lavin
  • Inés del Castillo as Female News Anchor and Female Voice Two
  • James Weber as Red
  • Meg MacCary as Laura
  • Michelle Beck as Steph
  • Christine Campbell as Mrs. Delphin
  • Susannah Jones as Female Voice One and Soothing Female Voice
  • Alice Jokela as Female Voice Three
  • Owen Smith as Trevor
  • Emily Batsford, Monica Lerch, Sara Jane Munford as Women’s Chorus
  • Anthony Cohn as Older Man


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Episode VII: Chase

Episode VII: Chase

“You are closer than you think.” Back to that night at the Icarus Motel, Adam goes in hot pursui ...
Episode VI: The Pied Piper

Episode VI: The Pied Piper

“We Made Signs.” Melanie finds an important clue on the Caldwell Cosmetics message board. ·   ...
Episode V: Deer

Episode V: Deer

“The best stuff comes up when people don’t know we’re listening.” What happened to Adam that ...
Episode IV: The Ash Grove

Episode IV: The Ash Grove

“It’s weird to, like? Talk about her in the past tense…” Melanie is surprised by what she fi ...
Episode I: The Mysterious Case of Split Valley Episode 1 Presented by Columbia Public Radio

Episode I: The Mysterious Case of Split Valley Episode 1 Presented by Columbia Public Radio

“What do you think it is? Some kind of symbol?” Adam Kleinhoffer, journalist and podcaster for C ...
Episode II: Tooth

Episode II: Tooth

“What’s the worst thing that ever happened to you?”  Melanie Lavin, Adam’s assistant, left ...


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