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Susan Stroman is a five-time Tony Award-winning director and choreographer, widely recognized for her innovative and groundbreaking work in musical theater. Her exceptional talent has brought to life numerous acclaimed productions, including Crazy for You, Contact, The Scottsboro Boys, and The Producers.

Born in Wilmington, Delaware, Stroman's passion for dance ignited at a young age. She began taking lessons at the age of five and continued to pursue her passion throughout her education, majoring in theater at the University of Delaware. After graduating, she moved to New York City in 1977 to pursue a career in choreography.

Stroman's Broadway breakthrough came in 1992 with the revival of Crazy for You, a musical inspired by the works of George Gershwin. Her inventive choreography, which blended classic tap with modern dance styles, was met with critical acclaim and earned her her first Tony Award for Best Choreography.

In 1998, Stroman's artistic vision and directorial prowess were showcased in the groundbreaking production of Contact, a musical that seamlessly integrated dance, film, and theater. The show's innovative storytelling and Stroman's masterful choreography garnered rave reviews and earned her Tony Awards for Best Direction and Best Choreography.

Stroman's commitment to social commentary and historical themes was evident in her 2010 musical, The Scottsboro Boys, which chronicled the wrongful convictions of nine African American teenagers in the 1930s. Her sensitive direction and powerful choreography brought the story to life with poignant intensity, earning her another Tony Award for Best Choreography.

In 2001, Stroman achieved a remarkable feat, directing and choreographing the record-breaking Broadway production of The Producers, a hilarious satire about the world of theater production. The show's uproarious humor, energetic dance numbers, and Stroman's signature blend of classic and contemporary styles made it an instant sensation. It won a staggering 12 Tony Awards, including Best Direction and Best Choreography for Stroman.

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