Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Do You Hear The People Sing?


This podcast that speaks to activists within the Broadway community in hopes of inspiring a whole new generation of them and getting them to jump into action for the 2020 election and beyond.

What is one of the most valuable armies that any Democratic Presidential or Congressional Candidate doesn’t realize they have? The theatre community. Hordes of passionate and talented humans who have the freelance schedule to actively work deeper on campaigns than most other Americans can afford. Spokespeople who can hit the ground running and back a candidate’s platform with the unique artistic voice they’ve been gifted.

This 10 show podcast will be the most informative guidebook for anyone who’s ever asked, ” How do I get started?”

The podcast is split into two parts. Each week, the listener gets “To Plan” and “To Inspire.”

  • The “To Plan” section offers listeners a new plan of attack each week in helping the 2020 elections. On top of the plan, they will receive the tools and insight to make it as productive as possible.
  • The “To Inspire” section offers up a new Broadway Celebrity weekly who also has deep roots in activism. They will tell their story on how activism became a part of their lives, why it’s so important to them, great moments working on things greater than themselves and advice to those who want to get involved.

Hosted by Eric Ulloa.



Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 10: We Did It!

Here we are at the final episode of this ten part limited series. And what a way to go out, cause WE WON!!! ...
Do You Hear The People Sing - Pep Rally

Pep Rally

This week, we give you a BONUS episode to inspire you as we all do the last minute work and stand in line, ready to vote for a change in America.  ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 9: Phone & Text Banking

With 14 days left till the election, and Biden surpassing Trump in every poll, what do we have to fear? The exact same complacency that gave us the shocking result of 2016 and handed Donald Trump the keys to our country. So, with these last two weeks, we take ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Pep Rally Teaser

The Pep Rally will kick off with Broadway luminary Joel Grey, and will also include appearances from Donna Murphy, Harolyn Blackwell, James Monroe Iglehart, Telly Leung, Caissie Levy, Lesli Margherita, Patti Murin, Zachary Prince, Brandon Uranowitz, stage manager Matthew DiCarlo, the one and only Leslie Uggams, and company members from Broadway’s Beetlejuice, Tony Award nominee Alex Brightman, Sophia Anne Caruso, and Dana Steingold, along with NYC ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 8: Down Ballot Races & Local Elections

With a failed administration rotting from the head, the stink of Donald Trump has reached not only Republican members of the House and Senate up for reelection, but all the way down to the local GOP candidates and the elections that shape the communities you live in. Year ...
Do You Hear The People Sing podcast

Episode 7: Social Media Savviness

Social Media is uniquely poised to be either the greatest contributor to the fall of our democracy or the tool that allows us to mobilize and save it. In this week's episode, we break down the "do's" and "don'ts" that allow for a more efficient use of social media instead of wasted hours ...


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