The Flame - A Podcast Musical

The Flame – A Podcast Musical


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The Flame tells the story of two women: Jamie (Ellie Brigida), an LGBTQ bar owner, and Sam (Jasmin Savoy Brown), the woman selling the building the bar inhabits, and the inevitable sparks that end up flying between them! With the help of her best friend, Heather (Leigh Holmes Foster), and bar regular Jo (Jenn Colella), can the residents of The Flame keep the bar alive? Or can Sam’s friend Mel (Valerie Rose Lohman) help her work through her complicated feelings about her father’s death and the building she grew up in before she makes a rash decision?

The Flame, An LGBTQ Romantic Comedy Musical.

  • Story by Ellie Brigida and Leigh Holmes Foster
  • Book by Caitlyn Clear
  • Music and Lyrics by Leigh Holmes Foster
  • with additional lyrics by Caitlyn Clear
  • Directed by Caitlyn Clear and Valerie Rose Lohman
  • Produced by Lez Hang Out Productions, Ellie Brigida, Caitlyn Clear, Valerie Rose Lohman, Leigh Holmes Foster, David and Ann Mortimer, Sheri Moses, Andrew Bramson, Tien Tran, Abby Nissenbaum, Dylan Adams, Liz Shen and Meghan Gunther

Starring: Jasmin Savoy Brown as Sam, Jenn Colella as Jo, Ellie Brigida as Jamie, Leigh Holmes Foster as Heather, Harrison White as the Narrator, Valerie Rose Lohman as Mel

Guest Starring: Dana Piccoli as Jessica, Liz Mongrello as Ashley, and Vico Ortiz as Bridget, JJ Niemann as Alan, Jesse Nowack as Harold, Chilina Kennedy as Rachel and Lauren Flans as Maggie, Sydney Nicholson as Lindsey, Ashton grooms as Lillian

Additional Ensemble Vocals by: Dayna Arnett, Briana Bonilla, Leesa Charlotte, Benjamin Doncom, Ashton Grooms, E. Maloney, Quince Mobley, Liz Mongrello, Sydney Nicholson, Vico Ortiz, Dana Piccoli, Saria Schuyler and Mickie Rose Wadsworth

  • Orchestrated by Ellie Brigida
  • Additional Orchestration by Allyn McCourt and Beth Goodman
  • Sound Editing, Sound Engineering and Song Recordings Recordings Produced by Ellie Brigida
  • Dialogue Editing by Leigh Holmes Foster
  • Additional Song Recordings by Heidi Martin
  • Musical Director Ellie Brigida
  • Assistant Musical Director Marissa DeVeau


  • Allyn McCourt on Violin and Viola
  • Molly Goldstein on Cello
  • Beth Goodman on Winds
  • Briana Childers on French Horn
  • Grace Messara on Drums
  • Bethany Vandenbrink on Bass Guitar
  • Jana Heidenreich and Ellie Brigida on Electric Guitar
  • Ellie Brigida on Piano
  • Rich Kelley on Trumpet
  • Ben Owens on Trombone


The Flame - A Podcast Musical

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The Flame - A Podcast Musical

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The Flame - A Podcast Musical

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The Flame - A Podcast Musical

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