The Parsnip Ship

The Parsnip Ship


The Parsnip Ship is a podcast play company that amplifies bold artists for audiences who crave accessible stories and storytellers. Our live events and audio podcasts are eclectic and transformative, creating communities in person and digitally. Through our work, we revolutionize the way you hear theater. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri.



The Parsnip Ship

Columbus Play by Daniella de Jesus

Directed by Ry Szelong, with musical guest Tabatha Lopez. "The Columbus Play is a darkly comedic re-imagining of Christopher Columbus' initial arrival in the Caribbean from the point of view of the Taino/Lukku Cairi people (or "The Natives"), weaving together history, Taino folklore, and contemporary dialogues about racism, ...
The Parsnip Ship

Untitled Radio Play by Keelay Gipson

Directed by TJ Weaver, with musical guests Starr Busby and SHACAR. "Benji Benedict is a radio talk show host in the age of the dying medium. After a late night encounter on a dating app, his following day is tinged with regret, systemic racism, and workplace politics. Will ...
The Parsnip Ship

The Aventines by Teague Mitchell

Directed by Teague Mitchelle with musical guest Anneke Reiche. "Two guys walk into a bar. They found an art movement. It fails. They burn down the bar. Cue Latin drinking songs..." featuring Adriana Bohmier, Eri Nox, Teague Mitchell, Anneke Reiche, and Ry Szelong ...
The Parsnip Ship

Missives by Garret Jon Groenveld

Directed by Garret Jon Groenveld, with musical guest Jordain Wallace. "Ben is a little lost, and he reaches out to Lia, his neighbor across the hall (whose a little lost herself). How? By slipping letters under her door. A friendship unfurls through letters until the two are separated ...
The Parsnip Ship

Beshert by Chana Porter

Directed by Scott Rodrigue, with musical guest Lila Blue. Ruth contains multitudes that Samuel cannot comprehend. Samuel seeks absolution from Eli's dybbuk. Eli is Ruth's angel from heaven. Drawing on Jewish mysticism and blurring gender barriers, BESHERT remembers a fatal love by a lakeside many years ago. Featuring ...
The Parsnip Ship

The String’s the Thing by Veronica Tjioe

Directed by Veronica Tjioe with musical guest Bobey. Juxtaposing the Minotaur myth with the reality of living a liminal existence, what it feels like to be neither “one” nor “the other”, Tjioe explores from a mixed-race perspective the tenuous state of being in-between. Featuring Sunee Kiernan, Jessica Greenstreet, ...


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