The Parsnip Ship

The Parsnip Ship


The Parsnip Ship is a podcast play company that amplifies bold artists for audiences who crave accessible stories and storytellers. Our live events and audio podcasts are eclectic and transformative, creating communities in person and digitally. Through our work, we revolutionize the way you hear theater. Hosted by Iyvon Edebiri.



The Parsnip Ship

In The Room, Waiting by Thaddeus McCants

Directed by Tyler Gardella, with musical guest Revi Rosa. "At lights up we meet Malcolm and Aisha, a young on-again, off again couple in a hospital waiting room. Malcolm and Aisha might be pregnant. A moving and very funny look at fate, choice and compassion, IN THE ROOM, ...
The Parsnip Ship

Broken by David Meyers

Directed by Dina Epshteyn, with musical guests Andrew Lynch and Katie Hartman "Kevin McFadden hasn't spoken to anyone since he killed 17 people at a shopping mall three weeks ago. But when a prison doctor takes an unexpected interest in his case, Kevin decides to meet with him ...
The Parsnip Ship

Charlie’s Waiting by Melisa Annis

Directed by Blayze Teicher, with musical guests Eric Powell Holm and Chana Porter. "On the eve of a very pregnant Louise's wedding to her younger fiance Kelly, a stranger knocks on their door. Forced to confront questions of trust and intimacy, Louise discovers how quickly plans can get ...
The Parsnip Ship

Everyone is an Astronaut by Corey Pajka

Directed by Charles Quittner, with musical guest Abby Ahmad. "In 1986, a young man obsessed with space sets his sights on Earth. What he sees is his life in ruins, and his family in fragments. He sets about trying to make things right, but when a space shuttle ...
The Parsnip Ship

Big Black Balloon by Eljon Wardally

Directed by Kel Haney, with musical guest The Values. "Big Black Balloon explores the relationship between Henry and Cleo, two people whose insecurities trigger their imaginary friends to return and take over their lives. Set in a studio apartment in L.A., the city of celebrity also serves as ...
The Parsnip Ship

Tara by Brian Otaño

Directed by Melissa Crespo, with musical guest Marrick Smith. "In the days leading up to the Christmas holiday, 30-year-old sanitation worker Ricky Paloma receives word that he has been identified as a victim in a child sexual abuse case against his high school Science teacher. In an attempt ...


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