Women of Tomorrow with Laura Bell Bundy

Women of Tomorrow with Laura Bell Bundy


Inspired by Laura Bell Bundy’s and Shea Carter‘s album of the same name, Women Of Tomorrow is a musical podcast that explores issues women are facing today, examines the history of those issues and provides solutions for moving forward. Out of the ashes of the 2016 presidential election, came the most powerful women’s movement since the 1970’s. Women’s voices raised in unity to express their fear over losing all they had fought for and their desire for equal rights. #Metoo.

Each episode will feature a song that sets the stage for our topic such as: Breaking the glass ceiling, ‘doing it all,’

Equal pay, unrealistic beauty standards, obsession with social media, domestic violence, pitting ourselves against each other, domain over our own bodies, sexual assault, the new rules of masculinity, motherhood, pregnancy, the mental load and what it means to be ‘a good guy.’ We cannot set the stage for our future if we don’t understand our history. Just two women and one guest working to lower the high cost of equality one song at a time. We may not change your mind, but we will make you think.

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#10 - Repro Film Festival & Director/Producer Susan O’Brien

#10 – Repro Film Festival & Director/Producer Susan O’Brien

Join us for the Yoni Hour of Repro Film Fest where we cover all things fertility, the history of birth control and abortion.  The RePRO Film Fest is the only festival in the world dedicated to reproductive justice and advocating for women’s reproductive health care and bodily autonomy ...
#9 - "Catfight", An Episode on How to Put Away the Claws for Good

#9 – “Catfight”, An Episode on How to Put Away the Claws for Good

Catfights... why men are obsessed with them and how this term keeps women’s issues petty and inhum ...
#8 - Thanks, Mom!

#8 – Thanks, Mom!

Mother’s Day! Grab your mom and some mommy juice and tune in!! This episode explores the history of Mother’s Day, Cultural Mother figures in the world, mom brain and the mental load! It includes a personal and hilarious interview by our own mom’s and special guests Kerry Butler & ...
#7 - "American Girl" (Part 2): Ice Ice Baby with Kellee Stewart

#7 – “American Girl” (Part 2): Ice Ice Baby with Kellee Stewart

"Working so hard to repay Sally Mae...Gonna have to freeze my eggs if I want Kids someday." - American Girl  ...
#6 - "Money Ho: Let's Get Down to Business" with Carol Jenkins

#6 – “Money Ho: Let’s Get Down to Business” with Carol Jenkins

This episode is about money. Why we don't have enough of it, how we are enslaved by it, and how Power seems to be just out of reach due to it. Our latest release “Money Ho” (video here) is shining a giant light on the injustices women face ...
#5 - "American Girl" with Marianne Williamson

#5 – “American Girl” with Marianne Williamson

Ego says "once everything falls into place , I'll feel peace." Spirit says "find your peace, and then everything will fall into place" - Marianne Williamson ...


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