The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

The Compass


The Compass podcast documents the lives of artists navigating the waters between art and commerce. What do they do when they feel themselves going to the dark side? How do they find balance when they are creating beautiful things, but not necessarily making their entire living from their art (acting, dance, etc). A space for those conversations with peers about living a creative life.

Hosted by actress Leah Walsh.


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The Compass with Leah Walsh - Episode 159: Delavega

Episode 159: Delavega

Film, TV, Commercial and Digital Content Director and Producer Delavaga shares his experiences with the dark side, directing a feature film, how parenthood has changed him as an artist, establishing himself in a new city, and meditation. Watch his feature film BookendS now streaming on Amazon Prime, and ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Black Lives Matter

Black artists and activists, if it would be useful to you to use The Compass Podcast to amplify your voice now or in the future, please contact host Leah Walsh at This can be outside of the format of the podcast or within it, if you feel ...
The Compass Episode 158: Charlie Barnett

Episode 158: Charlie Barnett

Actor Charlie Barnett shares his experiences with the dark side, pushing yourself in auditions, hope for the film and tv industry once things start shooting again, and inhabiting such a dark role in Russian Doll on Netflix, ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 157: Murray Bartlett

Actor Murray Bartlett shares his experiences with the dark side, making choices that prioritize your life and not just your career, moving from Australia to New York City as an artist, meditation, and what he took away from working on the HBO show Looking ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 156: Sally Cade Holmes

Producer Sally Cade Holmes (Hadestown, The Inheritance) shares her experiences with the dark side, the importance of mentoring, deciding to strike out on her own as a producer and consultant, staying nimble with your definition of success, and a look at how producers do what they do ...
The Compass Hosted by Leah Walsh

Episode 155: Parenting as Artists with Kathleen McNenny, Boyd Gaines, and Frankie J. Alvarez

Host Leah Walsh and her husband, actor Frankie J. Alvarez, are joined by actors Kathleen McNenny and Boyd Gaines to discuss the ups and downs of parenting in the arts, the necessity of community, keeping things in perspective, making decisions to fuel your creativity as well as support ...


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